Career and access to the Profession  

Due to legal requirements set forth to Law Offices as a form of incorporations by Ukrainian law, we employ advocates and assistants only.

We take pride in our team and invite agile, highly-qualified lawyers to join us and work on challenging projects and renowned clients.

Among other advantages we provide young lawyers with a possibility to be employed as 'assistant advocate’, which counts towards the ‘work experience' requirement for becoming an advocate. Please send your CV and motivation letter to our email, and indicate practice or industry that you focus on.                

Internship for students

Law Offices of Grechkivsky offers its help junior and senior year students to make their initial career steps and obtain their first work experience. Interns will have an opportunity to test their drafting skills by devising contracts, various procedural documents, take part in a court hearing under supervision of our advocates. After the internship, if you wish, you may receive a recommendation letter, outlining the outcomes and experiences of the internship. If you want to put your skills to trial, send your CV and motivation letter to our email and indicate your practice or industry of interest.